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Meet The Doctor

I provide a safe and relaxing environment for our clients to gain self knowledge, mental and emotional wellness. By utilizing healthy boundaries, advocating for oneself, and exercising intentional self care regimens, our Wellness Retreats offer an opportunity to gain necessary tools to reduce stress, anxiety, anger, and depression, etc. while manifesting a productive and more fulfilling life as well as relationships. Our Retreats are an empowering journey of self-awareness and transformational change.Dr. Mira has partnered with Global Travel Gems, our Wellness Retreats to make the retreats more than a luxurious first class travel experience but also an empowering and elevating experience.

Dr. Mira is a counseling psychologist who is dedicated to helping people all over the world improve their lives and relationships. She actively pursues ongoing education and professional learning to stay abreast of the latest trends and topics affecting your physical health, emotional health, and well being.

Stay tuned for the next Wellness Retreat Destination . . .
If you want to contact Dr. Mira before, during, or after your travel go to and schedule a virtual / online appointment.  Appointments / sessions can be scheduled for individuals or couples facing various issues.

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